by Galway

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Drums engineered by Dean Strike at Strike Sound.

Guitars, vocals and everything else engineered by Cameron Smith at Incremental Records.

Mixed and mastered by Jess Ahrens and Dean Strike.
All songs written and performed by Galway.

Special thanks to our friend Benjamin Graham.


released December 18, 2016

Matt - Bass
Jess - Drums
Kelvyn - Guitar/Vocals
Harrison - Guitar/Vocals



all rights reserved


Galway Brisbane, Australia

Subpar loud rock music from Brisbane, Australia.

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Track Name: Ana
Pick away at my scabs
I pushed you into my pocket

A few more layers and you’re in

If this is what helps you sleep
I’d rather it not burden me
If this is what helped you sleep
Nails seem softer on your skin

I’m working smarter everyday
To push you into my pocket
Track Name: Flinch
How little can you live off?
Keep your weight in check
Crush the one in your chest

A game of survival
You against yourself
Add it to your anxieties

I watched bone pass through your flesh
You’re licking magazines
Keep whatever’s left inside you
Your presence is flinching

Don't worry they'll say
It'll fade one day

Cheaper to die
When the water's at it’s highest

Cheaper to die
When you need to eat the most

Slipping away
Decay away
Track Name: Naj
Twist my wrist
It’s where I want it to be

Its not like I needed someone
To spoon feed my own mouth

You come and go
Let me rest again

Its where I want to be
Track Name: Submerge
Placed my head in the sink
Tap turns slowly cold bliss

Hold me under count to six
I’ll swallow everything like you did

Thrown down a staircase backwards
To make myself feel at ease
I heard you called

I cut cords I couldn’t retrace I slept with my light on
I heard you called

I only picked you weeds
When you asked for roses
Track Name: Weave
Cut deep into my hands
I'm stuck eating the crust again

Against my skin your blood curdles
A scent that stained these sheets and curtains

You and I
Thread through a needle
Pierce our skin and keep us together

Choking at a sight in a mirror
I’m bent over

Propelling outside a window
I traced myself with your chalk

A gift wrapped in brown paper
Not good enough

I'm woven to your sweater
Hung out to dry and left to wither